Empowering potential.

Glad you are here! I am Andrea.

Psychologist – with one eye on ‘human’

and the other on ‘business’.


I help leaders develop and use emotional intelligence to drive growth and build empowering cultures.

I help organizations become human-centric and align teams around a central vision with effective goal-setting.


Journey of Sustainable Change

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The need for change emerges. Things that used to work no longer bring the desired results.


A new direction emerges. Fueled by the idea of creating a long-lasting impact or legacy, or the desire to walk away from something that no longer works.

In some contexts, it is discussed alongside mission, values, and identity.



A deeper understanding of the present, the future, and the gap between them.


Time for a strategy and a detailed roadmap toward the desired future state.


Unlearning the old and learning the new. Identify what works, and what doesn’t. Reflect on the ‘why’. The key is continuous discovery and iteration.


Focus is on building habits, practices, and processes that sustain the change in the long term. New opportunities emerge.

Explore a case study

Adam is a high-achieving professional.

When we met, he felt tired, his days were unstructured, and he often felt demotivated.

His biggest fear was that he wouldn’t be able to finalize a very important project in the next 6 months and would end up in serious burnout.

He wanted more balance and clarity, time for his hobbies, and to cultivate a sense of security and connection within himself, without feeling the need to rush all the time for something or someone.

During our exploration, Adam realized that he actually had increased clarity over his responsibilities and priorities.

So what was keeping him stuck?

His teenage years have been dominated by an educational model that encouraged values like: ‘Saying yes to others and helping them is your mission, putting yourself first is not a valuable option.’ This was Adam’s hidden agenda that led his life.

Even though he had a vision for a prominent career, he chose jobs where he had increased responsibility, there were no boundaries, and was often underpaid. Whenever faced with a leadership opportunity, he sabotaged the process so that his titles wouldn’t ‘officially’ reflect what his potential, capabilities, and work already reflected.

In his personal life, he rarely said ‘no’ to others, and would often run errands for others, while deprioritizing his plans.

His beliefs and actions were not aligned with his current values and relevant goals.

We created a strategy and Adam started consciously and consistently practicing a new mindset.

After our work together, Adam felt a greater sense of connecting to his needs and expectations from relationships, started to expose his strengths more frequently, while drawing boundaries in both his professional and personal life.

An increased understanding of his productivity patterns helped him build a healthier way of living and working.

Perspectives from clients

Work With Me

Leadership Coaching – choose this when you want to:

  • Better understand and manage emotions in stressful or difficult situations
  • Manage expectations and communicate effectively with different stakeholders
  • Feel more confident and balanced in your role and the decisions you make
  • Learn how to empower and support your team(s)

Organizational Coaching – choose this when you plan to:

  • Bring structure, clarity, and alignment to planning-execution-reporting (OKR methodology)
  • Reduce the race for numbers and prioritize impactful outcomes
  • Translate the vision into milestones, clear goals, and relevant metrics
  • Increase proactivity and engagement, and identify what prevents performance
  • Equip your leaders with tools to lead as coaches and build healthier cultures

Career Coaching – choose this when one of these is true for you:

  • Have outgrown your role and want to create a fulfilling career and life
  • Plan to step into a leadership role and want to have more balance
  • Own your business and want to meet challenges with ease and better processes