Personal story

I’ve been a high performer my whole life. The top student, the results-driven manager, the proactive organizer, the one with the answers at hand.

Let me flip the coin. A high performer who struggled with anxiety, doubting her skills and decisions, often detached from her emotions, an over-planner, rarely able to take risks and be vulnerable, but deeply wishing for real connections.


In my early twenties, three major conflicts made me change my life:

  1. The gap between what I was showing externally and what I was experiencing internally.
  2. The desire to connect to my needs, emotions and feel aligned in what I do.
  3. All previous strategies that got me where I was, no longer worked to take me where I wanted to go.

I entered a long and continuous process of inner work that resulted in more than self-discovery and personal development.

A journey of powerful, but difficult changes in my life and career. Facing deep fears, shifting mindsets, building alignment and self-leadership. 

My mission is to bring contribution in three areas:



  • Individual and group programs
  • Purposeful living and working
  • Empowerment and support for transitions


Organizational development

  • Alignment through objectives
  • Empowerment through leadership
  • Human-centric development



  • Advocating for mental health
  • Making coaching approachable for anyone
  • Mentoring

Professional journey

A few professional milestones that have helped me build a solid foundation for my practice:

  • Psychology (BA)
  • Applied Psychology in Organizations (MA)
  • 5+ years of IT industry experience
  • Coach accreditation (Life, Career, Business coaching)
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship by Cornell University

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