Concept And Frameworks

This project was created from passion, based on a personal journey, and sustained by my professional experience.

A real change is one that takes into account thoughts, emotions, actions. And transformation occurs when we bring awareness into our lives and integrate feedback and insights from the environment to drive further change.



The frameworks, systems, and tools used in my work are a combination of:

  1. Organizational Psychology
    Psychological principles and tools applied in business to drive organizational transformation and development. With a focus on coaching, consumer behavior, motivation, people management.
  2. CBC – Cognitive Behavioral Coaching
    CBC draws on evidence-based psychological models and helps individuals develop ways of thinking and associated behaviors that are empowering and supportive. Thoughts and feelings directly influence behavior, therefore if thoughts and feelings about an event or issue are negative or self-limiting, the behavior will be too.
  3. Empowerment Coaching
    It helps individuals get closer to themselves, understand and strengthen the relationship with their emotions, and act from a place of energy, confidence, inspiration, connectedness.
  4. Strategy Coaching
    Strategy is the answer to the ‘How?’, and represents the goals, milestones, roadmaps, evaluations, practical steps needed to achieve a certain vision and turn an abstract idea into a tangible reality.

Creating Sustainable Change

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Understand clearly what is missing or what you want to achieve right now and uncover relevant patterns that build your current reality.


Where do you want to go? What do you want to avoid? What is that mission, goal, journey that gets you really excited? How do you envision yourself?


Awareness into what creates a gap between the previous two and what is your contribution.


Who do you need to become to get you where you want to go? Build a strategy aligned with your values.


Take inspired and intentional actions, expand awareness on the triggers that disconnect you and the strengths that help you stay aligned. Create a ‘kit’ to keep you on track.


This is not one destination, but a journey of many changes along the way. A result of mindful presence and reflection of the process, making different choices, acting from a different place than before.

The application and order depend on the unique needs and goals of a client.

Guiding Principles

Always create an experience.

Be guided more by being, and less by doing.

By helping others grow – we grow.